Rebuild and Thrive


Rebuild & Thrive

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

by Michelle Norton-Hughes


Available Treatments


sports injury
Injury recovery AND PREVENTION

1-2-1 specialist Physiotherapy and biomechanics assessment which will include manual therapy and personalised exercise program. Helping you recover from your injury, prevent future problems and iron out any imbalances and 'niggles'. Pre and post event as well as maintenance sports massage also available. As a former Ironman triathlete herself Michelle can relate to the demands of training and frustrations of injuries and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goal! Pre/post event or regular maintenance sports massages are available. 


Women's bodies change throughout their lifetime and we understand how these physiological changes affect women through pregnancy, post natal and menopause. Book a specialist women's Health or Mummy MOT appointment with Michelle. Her advanced pelvic health training, relaxed approach and friendly professional manner will make you feel comfortable, at ease and empowered. 

Rehabilitation & Exercise
Pilates and core flexibility classes or 121

Pilates is a low impact form of exercise that improves your body awareness, balance, posture & strength helping you recover from and prevent future injuries. 

Core Flexibility is a mixture of build up impact, flexibility, strength and conditioning. Classes are tailored around the triatholon season to optimise performance and recovery.